Why? (a meme)

5 Jun

For those of you who don’t know, a meme is simply blogspeak for an idea which spreads from blog to blog.

The incredibly witty and delightfully delightful Mr @BabberBlog (original meme by @mummycentral) has dunked me in the mystical/murky (delete as applicable) waters of the meme pool for my inaugural swim/flounder.

His bequeathed topic is entitled Why!

“Kids like saying why. Why? Dunno. But they do. It’s an indisputable FACT. Actually, my kid’s only eight weeks old, so I’m going to have to assume he will, at some point, like asking why. The meme is our chance, as parents, to ask some questions back” @BabberBlog

So here I trundle, on my own waterwheel of whys, remembering of course to take account of the great Socratic Method which states something along the lines of: Only by asking ‘why’ can one get to the truth.

Yeah whateva, oh Great Greek Dude. Surprisingly, he too had kids. Wonder if he was regretting his pontificating as the hemlock concoction slipped down the back of his throat? *scratches head. Hmmm how easy would it be to grow a foetid, noxious weed in my kitchen?

My Waterwheel of Whys:

Why are you kicking my radiator cover/picking the wallpaper uh-gain?

Why are you daubing the walls/floors/cupboards with your obviously talent-riddled artwork?

Why do you have to spin round and round, fall over, then laugh when you split your chin open?

Why do you incessantly thump your head while you’re eating?

Why do you hate me again? Remind me.

Why do you want to hit/scratch/kill your brother?

Why do you not understand the words QUIETLY/NOT NOW/IN A MINUTE?

Why can’t you resist the urge to eat your own bogeys?

Why can’t you stop that innate expressive urge to interrupt a grown-up conversation?

Why can’t you do your homework without causing serious damage to my vocal cords?

Why do we have a collection of sticks, bricks, stones and bottle lids outside the front door ready for any opportunistic vandal to lob through the window?

Why do you have to have the last word when you know I have dibs on that?

Why can’t you just GROW UP?

Why? Really, just why?

Hemlock with your Weetabix, darlings?

Feel free to add your own list.


One Response to “Why? (a meme)”

  1. babberblog June 5, 2012 at 22:37 #

    Nice whys, thanks for joining in 🙂

    Also, I forgot to mention in my post (because I’m a terrible blogger) that the meme originated at @mummycentral, so you may wish to add that in at some point.

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