12 Jun

I’ve just walked around the house calculating the extent of the damage since Pickle moved in. Figuring he’s calmed down muchly, it’s about time we titivate the house somewhat and restore it to its former…ahem…glory:

1 x broken radiator cover

15 patches of scratched-off wallpaper

1 x wobbly spindle on staircase banister (shaken in prolonged moment of wrath).

1 x Banksy-style graffiti on Gherkin’s floor.

Numerous scribbles on walls in Pickle’s room, playroom, hallway, landing.

1x broken toy box

1x broken laundry basket (used as climbing frame)

1x broken ceiling shade

1x broken halogen mother-and-child lamp (beyond repair)

1x snapped dog collar (An actual collar. For the dog. On dog at time of snapping).

1x smashed toothbrush holder

Several dented surfaces, skirting boards, cupboards etc.

Not forgetting:

1x basketball-shaped hole in window (repaired long ago)

Nice Shot

There were no broken bones in the breaking of the items on this inventory.


2 Responses to “Inventory”

  1. Threebecomefour June 12, 2012 at 18:14 #

    LOL!! I know I shouldn’t laugh it this post got me thinking and looking at my new sofa bed which has pen scribbles on the arm already!!

    • permanentlyinapickle June 12, 2012 at 18:39 #

      You should. You have to. I forgot to add that. You reminded me of the felt tip pen on sofa bed, radiators and window sill and also white crayon on leather sofa (which came off). 🙂

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